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Lived His Entire Life in Pain

This is Odin!

He has lived his entire life in pain…

Thankfully he finally got help from a rescue.

Watch and learn more about his story:

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  • Alice says:

    Oden is such a sweetie. And I’m so happy you all were kind enough to take him in to care for him so he no longer suffered. If I was near by I’d even love to foster him until his forever home came along… I have two little girls of my own now that would surely love to play with him…
    Hugs ~n~ Kisses for Oden…
    And Thanks for Caring…


  • rich says:

    He is so cute…..glad he got rescued. We have a chihuahua. I wish we could take another dog…he looks so great. I hope he finds his forever home soon

  • Toni says:

    We rescued a little white female chihuahua from our local shelter pretty much sight unseen. She had the same issue as Odin. Went to the foster home to visit, she still had the stitches in her eye….she was the sweetest little girl. We named her Lucy. She has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge many years ago. Would do it again in a second. so, happy for Odin.

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