Unlikely Friendship of Chicken And Chihuahua

A chicken rescued from a lab and a two-legged Chihuahua left in a ditch have made an improbable friendship.

The Duluth Animal Hospital in Duluth, GA., has published several photos of Roo the Chihuahua and Penny the chicken to its Facebook page.

The animal hospital explained it saved both animals and the two have since turn out to be inseparable.

Penny is said to have been saved from a laboratory when she was nine. Roo was said to have been located shivering in a ditch last year at just 7-weeks-old. She was born without front legs.

The two live together at the animal hospital, where they keep its staff and clients amused.

Source: myfox8.com

What Dogs Are Really Thinking

This video is absolutely hilarious… Here’s what this Chihuahua is thinking:

“I know what you’re thinking… come on, say it!”

“Nice pink shirt you got… say it!”

“Well, I don’t really care what you think of it. You know… because I like it a lot!”

“It’s my favorite shirt, man! I kinda think it brings out my eyes” LOL

BeeBee The Wheelchair Chihuahua

This little Chihuahua was born on the 4th of July with the sort of problem that might have crippled a lesser dog.

Without shoulder blades, BeeBee cannot put any weight on her front legs or straighten them. However, BeeBee abstains from letting her handicap prevent her from living life to the maximum.

Watch BeeBee… She’s so adorable!

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