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Mojito The Adorable Chihuahua!

Meet Mojito!

This adorable Chihuahua is said to be an ugly one…

Well, here at the Chihuahua Fan Club we think he is pretty adorable!

What to do you think?

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  • Diana says:

    Ugly no!! He is adorable!!!!

  • Nicci says:

    He is a cutie I’ll take him! I need to find a chihuahua rescue group near Sacramento, California does anyone know of any that does not charge an arm and a leg? I’m disabled and on a fixed income.

  • Toni says:

    He is adorable. He must of had some teeth pulled and thats why he cant hold in his tongue. My chi has done well, he had his front 4 teeth pulled and has no problem holding in his tongue. This handsome boy must of had them pulled all the way from the side. Oh well, he doesnt have a tooth ache anymore and he’s healthy and thats the most important.

  • Janine says:

    I have never seen an ugly chihuahua in my life. They are the cutest babies around!!!

  • Judy says:

    he is a very pretty Chihuahua love him

  • Donna says:

    he’s a doll baby, he’s not ugly, he is beautiful inside and out nasty people

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