Meet Turbo-Roo

Turbo-Roo the INCREDIBLY popular two-legged Chihuahua is now a national celebrity.

Disabled puppy Turbo-Roo is inspiring all of us to work past our shortcomings and enjoy a full life. Roll on, Turbo-Roo!

Describe Turbo-Roo with one word.

Watch and comment:

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  • Reta Foreman says:

    I really. Think this. Is greati had. A cripple. Chihuahua. &we were trying to fix her away to walk.

  • Kay Dabney says:

    ONE word that I can describe Turbo-Roo is “DETERMINATION”, he doesn’t let his disability stop him from playing or anything else that he enjoys doing, in fact, I don’t think he even KNOWS that he has a disability at all… He has been a real INSPIRATION to me because I was born with Cerebral Palsy which has affected my WHOLE right side of my body and learned to walk without FULL leg braces at the age of 5 or 6 years old, I am now 52 years old and occasionally h ave to use a cane for stability but I keep on going just like Turbo-Roo….I would SOOO LOVE to meet him in person and let his family know how much Turbo-Roo has inspired me NOT to quit just because of a bad day….PLEASE give him a kiss for me… Is he on FaceBook?? I love you, Turbo=Roo!!!!

  • sassie carnes says:

    Amazing … adorable … precious … inspiring … hug this littlest fella for me … im in love !!!

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