Left Behind

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This Chihuahua was left behind in a eviction site.

Luckily she was rescued to get the love and care she deserves…

Watch it here:

  • karla says:

    These dogs love so deeply she had to have been heart broken. I would be homeless to keep my chihuahua I love him to death.

  • judy fitzwater says:

    OMG…saw celia’s video and cried so much for this baby…humans can be so cruel to these angels..I have a 2.5 pd chi my son rescued out of a yard, chained to a tree and had been attacked by a dog bigger than she. she is a happy baby but saving for needed eye surgery because she needs it removed from the attack. my 6 yr old rescue chi/beagle is her best friend. loving these babies is a gift.

    • shelley says:

      i cried my eyes out watching this.poor little girl,how can people do these things,i just do not know.i have a little girl part chihuahua and poodle.she is a poochie,her names katie.as i watched this i looked over on my bed and she was watching to,and when i sstarted to cry she came over and gave me big kisses.this vidio was a happy ending but alot of the time these poor littles angels help comes to late or at all.god bless them.

  • cheryl says:

    this has such a sweet ending god bless your soul for taking her in.this little one is beautiful

  • Nikki says:

    I volunteer with a rescue group SO many chihuahuas needing homes! I love to take the terrified growling biting ones and love on them, and eventually they are ready for forever homes.

  • Dottie DeMainto says:

    I have rescued a chimix named Rosie and I would love to rescue another. Does anyone know if there is a baby in need of love near me? I live in Massapequa Park, N.Y. My email is Rmdot218@aol.com. Contact me if you have a fur all baby for us. We’re waiting!!!!!!

    • linda says:

      if I ever had to leave my baby behind I would tell everyone to kiss my ass that is my child and he goes where I go or I don’t go no one on this planet is ever going to tell me I cant take my baby and I am 66 years old I have a Pekingese and a chihua both they r mine and my babies

  • Terry Steward says:

    I just can’t believe some humans can be So cold hearted with animals,some of the wicked Stuff our Species does to these poor little mites,that I’ve seen on FB in the last few has actually made me all but burst into tears,,,I’d have her in a heartbeat,,dogs indeed love us so dearly,unconditionally,,and we need to eradicate scum that harms them !!!

  • Jeff says:

    Does she need a home? I’ll adopt her

  • Diana says:

    Omg I cried my eyes out from all this pain she had I don’t understand how this heartless ppl hurt such a helpless little dog all they have to do is give to somebody there is no need for all this hurt I love all this animal s and I hate ppl that do that I lost my little chi in March and I’m still hurting so much for her hope somebody took her in cares for her alot

  • Jacki Marderness says:

    Love these little chihuahuas. I have a 2 year old he is so loving. I named him Prince Piper. He is our pride and joy.

  • Melanie says:

    I’m in NJ…does she need a home?

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