How much do Chihuahuas shed?

We recently asked our Chihuahua Community to answer this question:

How much do Chihuahuas shed?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

The thing to remember is that your dog and your furniture should be the same color.

When you hold them your shirt becomes their coat

Mine doesn’t.

A vacuum will become your best friend…and it’s not dog hair,it’s magical fibers of joy.

A lot! So what?

My Applehead is 10 she’s sheds soooo much I bathe her often and brush her out but she def leaves her mark on you 🐾❤️😍

Love them, but they shed.

If you love them, it doesn’t matter. You’ll deal with it.

Do I have mutant Chihuahuas? 🤣 Both my long and short-haired shed very little. My previous Chi also shed minimally. 🤔

All the time

Just brush them often.

Omg … I had a long haired chihuahua and it was moderate but now I have a smoothe coat chihuahua and his hair is everywhere all the time. I do think it has to do with where you live too. He has to adapt to cold weather so he does put on more of a coat to help him but it’s bad… and its everywhere

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