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Chihuahua Hates Taking Baths

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Willy, the Chihuahua likes to go outside…

When his owner asks him if he wants to go outside he gets excited!

But when his owner asks him if he wants to take a bath his reaction is so funny!

He really hates taking baths!

  • Paulette Mays says:

    enjoy reading on all the Chihuahua`s I have two of my own.My Sparky is about 19yrs old & he`s very protective over.I also have BabyGirl me He`s the love of my life& so is she! I could never replace them.They are my Best Friend & companion!

  • Heather says:

    My chi’s will only take a shower and I have to be in their with them!

  • Rosie says:

    OMG! I have a very small 2yr old apple head/deer Chi named Sophia who does the same thing lmao! I really want more Chi’s but can’t find any to tie with her or to adopt. I love her so much and she does wonders for my anxiety and depression. I’m disabled because I hand an eye removed because of Cancer five years ago and ever since I got my baby Sophia she had made my life so much easier to deal with. The love and loyalty that comes from a Chihuahua is so amazing that I don’t think I’ll ever get another breed, well aside from Dachshunds because I had one growing up named Sugar and I never thought I’d find love in a dog like hers until little Miss Sophia came into my life <3

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