Grandpa the Senior

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Grandpa, a 10-year-old Chihuahua, was left at the shelter, where he was going to be euthanized.

Luckily, The Lange Foundation got him and gave him a second chance. It took a year before Michael found the dog of his dreams and Grandpa finally found a home.

Lange Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to saving homeless and abandoned pets.

For more information about Lange Foundation visit: http://www.langefoundation.com

  • Tracy says:

    George looks like my son Scooter and is about the same age! George is a cuttie!

  • Angie says:

    I adopted a senior chihuahua too. He’s just like that story. Amigo was 10 1/2 when I adopted him. I knew he would have health issues as he ages and have more vet visits than a younger dog and I knew I could give him the best care and the most love so he’s family know with my other furry kids! He’s so happily now!!!

  • Terry Steward says:

    we adopted Stan,a cranky Border collie cross,with bonk legs,an underbite,One up one down ears,he had just turned 13 in aug 2009 when we had him,he belonged to the sister of the singer in my band,who’d split with her partner and couldn’t keep him,he had fits,which we got sorted with meds,(Epiphen) he also developed Heart problems,so ended up with 3 further meds,,but we loved him dearly,he slept in our bed each night,like a warm teddy !!!,,he was my Van dog,travelling out with me most days on my delivery run,we had lunch,at various picnic areas on my varied round each day,where he would get a Walkies,before carrying on our deliveries,,but as time wore on,his ailments and walking difficulties became worse,and we had to have him put to rest in January of this year,after spoiling him for one last xmas !!!

  • Reed says:

    My Bandit looks just like George absolutely Awesome

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