Chihuahua’s Gone Wild

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Welcome to Chihuahua Land!

It’s crazy treat time!

The puppies in daycare weren’t too happy with the low fat, low calorie dog treats…

They wanted the tasty meat treats.

  • Nancy Smith says:

    Wondering if there is a limit as to how many dogs you can “babysit” for at one time. What happens if there’s a fire. What are the cages for. He dumps the treats on the floor hitting a few dogs. Is this where they play, amongst the leftover treats. I think the website could do a better job of screening the videos I’d like to know where this is so I can call someone to investigate this place.

  • Dk says:

    Overfeeding that dog to point of obesity is not
    Amusing or cute!

  • Dk says:

    I cant even watch this.
    Have u seen Obie the doxy???
    Y do ppl think its “funny?”
    I dont understand.

  • Helen says:

    Dont see nothing wrong with this.

  • Mina says:

    Irresponsible people who allow indiscriminated reproduction of these poor dogs, maybe to use them as merchandise? ? Is not nice at all to know these kind of irresponsible people exist. Horrible website, authorities must close it, you’re promoting abuse against little in defense animals.

  • Tena says:

    I agree, I am NOT impressed with what I just watched!!!

  • jgv says:

    I don’t like this video there are too many babies. they throw the treats on the floor …ugh

  • April Hargis says:

    I would rather see them like this than in a lonely shelter locked up…

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