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Rescued Chihuahua Gets New ‘Legs’

Brenda Jones adopted Vespa, a Chihuahua mix born without fully formed front legs, from Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

After her previous dog died from a heart condition, Jones had made the decision to open her heart and her home to an animal with unique needs, and when she saw Vespa, she realized she’d found her new canine companion. As a result of her deformity, Vespa was only capable to crawl or hop on soft surfaces such as carpet or the grass outside Jones’ Fort Worth, Texas, home.

“I wanted her world to be bigger than that, so I researched front wheels for dogs,” Jones mentioned. “She was not a candidate for prosthesis. Missing front limbs are a much bigger challenge than missing or injured back limbs, as it turns out.”

During her research, Jones came across OrthoPets, a Denver firm that is an expert in animal mobility, and she flew Vespa to the facility. OrthoPets’ technicians produced a mold of the pup’s chest and developed a customized vest that enable Vespa to be hooked up to wheels.

After some stretching and a couple of practice runs, Vespa took to her new wheels and Jones at last became successful in opening a whole new world to her special pup.

Source: mnn.com

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  • Doris says:

    I love little chihuahua. I had one for 15 years and they dead. I would like another to love.

  • Karen Sundsten says:

    You said it perfectly….ALL animals are worthy! Thank you for sharing this story, you are an angel!

  • Serene Night says:

    I recently adopted an older girl chi who someone had abandoned. She had terrible teeth so the rescue pulled all but 3. She is a love bug and such a wonderful dog. I’m so glad Vespa has a home.

  • pat says:

    I would love to rescue a girl under 10 myths I anyone hears anything

  • Tina brown says:

    I love Chihuahua .I love the one about the one with no front leggs. She is Darling.

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