Chihuahua Doesn’t Want to Share

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We know Chihuahuas can be a little moody sometimes…

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Look at how he reacts when this German Shepard tries to eat his food…

Does your Chihuahua like to share his dog food? Let us know!

  • Ralph ray says:

    My little 3lbs Chihuahua does not like to share his food he turns into the Tasmanian devil when another dog tries to eat out of his bowl lol

  • Sandra Durand says:

    I love this site.

  • G Bennett says:

    Love your site, but food aggression or any kind of aggression is not good or cute, no matter how small or cute the dog is. When I got my first Chihuahua my vet taught me a very valuable lesson when I took Angus in for his first visit. The vet gave the puppy a treat, then he took it away. When Angus nipped a little, the vet put him on his back and held him for a second. Then he righted the puppy and let go, then offered him the treat again and took it away. When Angus didn’t protest, he gave it back. That vet told me to never accept in a small dog, behavior that would be considered bad or dangerous in a big dog. Angus is 14yrs old and has never again snapped at anything. Chihuahuas are feisty and spirited and should be allowed to be themselves, but not be ill mannered.

  • Robert Lorenzo says:

    Our chiwawa tiny doesn’t like to share her food but she loves to play with it

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