Baby Chihuahua Crying

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It’s bed time for tiny Maeby, the cutest Chihuahua puppy!

But Maeby doesn’t want to sleep.

So she cries to get out of the crib.

So adorable!

  • tamera says:

    Adorable baby

  • Pamela says:

    Omg I want to just hold and snuggle with her!

  • gizmo says:

    I put my baby right in bed with me

  • Robin Wagner says:

    Love this club

  • Gwen says:

    That is the cutist baby,l would put her in bed with me though.Gwen

  • k says:

    Adorable baby

  • Mary Smith says:

    I love this cutie… And please email me any important information about chihuahua’s. Thnx

  • Donna says:

    I think that tiny puppy was so cute. He could come home to live with me. I would take good care of him and he would have two other play mates.

  • jgv says:

    my baby asks to sleep with me… I always say yes

  • Betty Gordon says:

    I would wrap Nina in a baby blanket and put her right against my neck, so she could hear my heart beating…. she never cried…… only thing is she still thinks I am her mommy….. follows me everywhere…… has anxiety issues if I leave her…..

  • Jerrilynn says:

    Personally, seeing the young age of this sweet crying pup I tend to believe it misses its momma and perhaps its siblings. There is a vast vacancy in its kennel. Most times little pets are taken way too soon from their natural need to be cuddled and to smell their momma. I would wait longer. I would have a smaller kennel or put a soft “igloo” inside the kennel that would be more cozy and a bit more dark.

    Most human parents are too busy and don’t feel the heartache baby pets have. Parents think their pets will become spoiled or too dependent if their pet is coddled. This is not true. The pets will have an instinctive need to become independent just as our real children will have.

    It took me many pets and years to learn what real love is. Now I look back and cry because I did not sense the emotional needs of my pets. My own emotional needs were abandoned. I hope I have given another perspective. ????????????

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