Chihuahua 101

The Chihuahua is elegant, small and compact; it is a bit longer than it is tall. It has a saucy expression and an alert, terrier-like mindset.

It should move out at a quick pace with good reach and drive. Its coat can be smooth, with soft, glossy hair or long, with soft straight or wavy hair and fringed ears.

The saucy Chihuahua has gained its place as a popular toy dog due to its extreme devotion to a single person.

It is reserved with unknown people but good with other household dogs and pets. A few try to be protective, however they aren’t very effective. Quite a few may be quite bold; others may be timid. It is often temperamental. Some bark.

AKC Ranking: 10

Family: companion, Southern (pariah)
Area of Origin: Mexico
Date of Origin: 1500s
Original Function: ceremonial
Today’s Function: companion
Average Height: 6-9
Average Weight: <6

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  • Bob Stockard says:

    We have two chihuahuas we love them very much.wish we had more.love your site and your videos.

  • Corena Vaughan Dowe says:

    I have had my Buddy for 5 yrs now he only weighed a little under a pound when I got him at 10 months old he now weighs a little over 4lbs I love him to death he is great with people hardly ever barks and is a long hair.. sweetest little man ever…

  • Sweetpea100 says:

    I recently lost my beautiful little teacup of 12 yrs . I thought it was going to kill me. I loved her like a child. I love your site and your videos. Absolutely the very best breed of dog in the world !! I miss you Juju . <3

    • Phyllis says:

      Sweetpea, you need to get another Chihuahua. I lost the love of my life in March and I too thought it would kill me. It physically hurt. In July I got a Chihuahua puppy and she now is the love of my life. She is not a replacement, she is a new love. I am so happy I got another even though at 71 years old, a new puppy is a lot of work.

    • joann says:

      hello sweetpea.. On may 25 of this year I lost my 14 year old teacup chihuahua and I know exactly what you mean when you mention your grief..my baby could read my mind and she knew what I was going to do at all times. She would sit in her little basket on the kitchen counter and watch me cook or do dishes.She loved for me to open the washer lid and let her look inside. Chihuahuas are different from other dogs. They have an unusual awareness of themselves and of their world. sorry for your broken heart.. joann

  • Jude Lucas says:

    I love these little dogs.

  • Tracy Crowell says:

    My chi is the best dog I have ever had. He can tell when I am in pain and is excellent with my other dogs.

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