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Stacking Treat Pyramid

This is a very focused, quite and smart Chihuahua! He is let her owner stacking a treat pyramid on her belly… Would you teach your dog to perform this trick? Watch and comment:


Litchi Training Session

Meet Lichi, a 6-month-old Chihuahua. Here she is in a trick training session… She a very cute and smart pup!


Learning to Sit

Meet Ben, a 8-week-old long hair Chihuahua. It’s time to learn his first command: SIT. Next to him is Charlie, is older brother, also long haired Chihuahua, who is showing off his own tricks… Watch and enjoy:


Dance Dance Dance

Meet Lilu, the Chihuahua! Here she is showing off her fantastic tricks. She’s so cute and smart! Watch & enjoy:


Training to Walk Through a Tunnel

This is Moko, a 1 and half year old Chihuahua. She is training to walk through a tunnel. She’s doing a great job and having fun… Watch & enjoy:


Top 10 Tricks

This is Meeru, the Chihuahua. Have you ever seen a chihuahua do math, skateboard, try to steal a treat, solve a puzzle or even do the laundry? Here is Meeru doing his top 10 tricks… Watch and enjoy:


Loves to do Tricks

Meet Daisy, the Chihuahua! She’s very talented and LOVES to do tricks. Phenomenal training and filming! Daisy is absolutely adorable and charming to watch.


Tricks & Agility

Estonia’s Chihuahua Sõprade Liit (The Union of the Friends of Chihuahuas) promotes training sessions where small dogs, like Chihuhuas, learn tricks and run through a miniature agility course. In this video six cute long-haired Chihuahuas – Dixie, Augusto, Mathilda, Ziara, Pinci and Carlos – show what they have learned.


15 Tricks!

Here’s Sebastian, the Chihuahua, doing 15 cool tricks! …sit, lie down, roll over… …crawl, high five, shake… …play dead, speak, spin… …and more! So COOL!

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