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Rally Obedience Excellent

It’s time to practice the Rally Obedience Excellent with your pup… This little cute Chihuahua is going to show you exactly how to do it! Is your pup obedient?


Cute Puppy Shows His Agility

This beautiful Chihuahua is on a roll! Just look at him showing his skills and all of his agility… Isn’t he amazing? Watch and smile:


Tommy’s Graduation Day

This time Puppy Academy brings us Tommy! A beautiful Chihuahua that graduated his training course… He is such a clever boy! Watch and smile:


Puppy Academy Graduation

This is Fenris! Today he is showing us the results of his training on the Puppy Academy. We think he did very well, don’t you? 😀 Watch and be happy:


Picking Up Rubbish Into Different Bin

These Chihuahuas are amazing… They have learned to clean up toys, fetch toy basket and pick Up rubbish into different bin. Does yours do this type of tricks? Watch & Enjoy:


Eating With Hands Holding Her Bowl

This Chihuahua has learned to eat with hands holding her bowl and wiping her mount after finish eating. Have you seen a dog eating like this? Don is having herself a quick snack. All tricks were taught with Positive reinforcement.


Teaching a Chihuahua How To Swim

This is an informational video on how to teach your Chihuahua to swim! It seems pretty safe to me, what do you think? Have you teach your Chihuahua how to swim?


Cleaning Up Training

This is absolutely amazing! Teaching a dog how to store toys and put garbage into the respective can? It’s possible! Watch and be amazed!


“Wash Your Face”

This is Don and he’s learning a new trick: “Wash Your Face” Don is trained using positive reinforcement base on motivation through play, praise, reward and lot of love. Show us your pup tricks!!


How to Teach a Box Trick to a Chihuahua

Hello again friends! Today we have this video showing how to teach a Chihuahua to perform some moves in a little box. We can see the pup is really enjoying it! What tricks does your Chihuahua do? Let us know!

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