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Jennifer Lawrence Rescued Katherine Heigl’s Chihuahua

Katherine Heigl found an unlikely saviour when her favourite dog, a tongue-hanging Chihuahua called Gertie, went missing at her Manhattan hotel Thursday. The Emmy winner recalled on Friday morning’s Today Show how the dog escaped her room and then a voice in the hallway yelled: ‘Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog!’ It was […]


Chihuahua Dog Fashion Show

The Union of the Friends of Chihuahuas, from Estonia, organized the 3rd annual charity Dog Fashion 2014. This year’s event raised funds for Imeloomade Selts, a Estonian charity organization that helps injured wild animals. Chihuahuas wore amazing and cute clothes and accessories from different designers and gave their best to make the show memorable.


A Dream to Call My Own

This tiny puppy mill dog had a really big dream… One day his dream came true! His name is Harley. Learn about Harley and about the amazing work of National Mill Dog Rescue.


Dying Man Reunited With Elderly Dog

A frail US man has had his dying wish has come true by being reunited with his elderly one-eyed chihuahua in his hospital bed. His pet, Bubba, was similarly distressed and said to be emotionally distraught since being separated from his master. The emotional reunion, filmed by staff at the Baptist Hospital in Corbin, Kentucky, […]


Lived His Entire Life in Pain

This is Odin! He has lived his entire life in pain… Thankfully he finally got help from a rescue. Watch and learn more about his story:


Rottweiler Rescues Chihuahua From Coyote

Man’s best friend are also capable of looking out for each other, too. An amazing video shows the moment a wild coyote attacked a defenseless Chihuahua… But luckily Happy, the Rottweiler, charged on the coyote saving Trixxie, the Chihuahua! Source:┬ádailymail.co.uk


Getting Through the Door

This pup jumped off a 6 ft deck and… …broke both legs! So… she adapted to the conditions… She learned how to walk like this and cross the thresholds.


Unique Dog Finds Best Friend

The story of Rikki, a Chihuahua with a deformity in her front legs, is a reminder to all that while every animal might not be perfect, it’s still possible to make the perfect match with a loving family. Isn’t she cute? Help animals in need like Rikki find homes all year round by supporting the […]


Paralyzed and Pregnant (UPDATE)

A couple of days ago we posted a video with the story of Angel… She was attacked by a stray dog and left paralyzed. Here is an update on her situation: Hind end shows incredible improvement and marked improvement in the forelegs… While she still stumbles and falls, she is WALKING! On May 6th, Angel […]

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