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Puppy Shows Escaping Skills

This little Chihuahua puppy was caught on tape showing some really impressive skills! Just look at how he managed to escape the room using his little body to go under the door… Amazing!


Spike Gets a Clone

Spike’s owners decided to buy a “clone” of their Chihuahua… So, it’s time to Spike meet his clone! Can you tell the differences?


Mr Tuff Professional Surfer

OMG… This is simply amazing! I had no clue that there is such a talented Chihuahua on the surf world. He is amazing! Watch and be delighted…


Chihuahua Dog Giving Birth

Probably on of the most beautiful moments in our best friends life’s… This Chihuahua girl is giving birth to her third puppy. Such a heart warming video… WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised Watch and be happy!


Daisy Hates Food in Bed

This has to be one of the most special Chihuahuas we’ve ever seen! And we’ve seen a lot… Daisy has to be one of the few dogs in the world that refuses to eat food in bed… She is such a classy girl! eh-eh Does your dog eat in bed? Let us know!


Chihuahua Puppy Babysat by German Shepard

This video is all about tenderness! Such a patient German Shepard watching out for this cute and small Chihuahua… It’s amazing how our 4-legged friends can be so much friendlier to each other 🙂 We LOVE this, do you?


Chihuahua Babysitting Shih Tzu Puppies

This is Samantha, the Chihuahua, and today she has to babysit her new friends Sarah and Sable. She is so thoughtful, and she makes sure none of the puppies gets hurt. Surely a babysitter that I would trust my own puppies! Wouldn’t you?


Trying New Outfits

This micro Chihuahua girl is trying some new outfits on! After a lot of play… her owner dresses her and two other baby Chihuahuas with some cute outfits… They looked so cute and funny!


Chihuahua’s Family Reunited

This is beautiful! Trixi is reuniting with her family again… First she meets her new baby brothers… After she’s reunited with her mummy and daddy. It’s so nice to see them playing and kissing each other! Watch and be happy like this family!


Trixi’s 2nd Birthday Party

It’s Trixi’s 2nd Anniversary! She invited her friends to the party… a cat, a lizard and a parrot! Her owner has prepared some candies for everybody… They look delicious! Happy B-Day Trixi!

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