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The World’s Smallest Dog

Meet Milly, a tiny Chihuahua. At less than 4 inches tall, she is recognized by Guinness as the world’s smallest full-grown dog. How cute is she?


Tommy’s Graduation Day

This time Puppy Academy brings us Tommy! A beautiful Chihuahua that graduated his training course… He is such a clever boy! Watch and smile:


Mojito The Adorable Chihuahua!

Meet Mojito! This adorable Chihuahua is said to be an ugly one… Well, here at the Chihuahua Fan Club we think he is pretty adorable! What to do you think?


Saved From Euthanasia

Vet Ranch is back again with another amazing video of helping pups in need… This time, this Chihuahua had a giant tumor and some other minor issues, but it was all taken care of by Vet Ranch and she is ready to be adopted! Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Watch it here:


Giant Hernia Surgery

This is Bree! This poor Chihuahua had a giant abdominal hernia… Vet Ranch got her and treated her! I’m so glad it was a success! Warning: viewer discretion is advised.


Chihuahua Meets Owl

A tiny Chihuahua and a tiny Owl… What could be more unpredictable? It took a little bit for them to get together, but i’m sure they’ll get to be good friends! Watch and make your day happier!


Heart Shaped Markings

Meet Heart and Love! These two Chi puppies from Japan got a really special gift from their mummy, in their fur… They look lovely! Don’t you think ?


Lucky’s Photo Shoot

Meet Lucky! He is one of the participants of Britain’s next dog model… And we can see why! He is so beautiful!! Do you agree?


Chloe & Chirol in Osaka

Chloe & Chirol love to travel! This time they show us their trip to Osaka… meeting new places, trying new food and of course, having a lot of fun!! Where has your pup traveled to?


Britain’s Tiniest Chihuahua

Meet Disney! This super small baby Chihuahua heights only 3 in and weighs 14 ounces! He is so small and beautiful!! Don’t you just want to hold him?

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