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Left Behind

This Chihuahua was left behind in a eviction site. Luckily she was rescued to get the love and care she deserves… Watch it here:


A Dream to Call My Own

This tiny puppy mill dog had a really big dream… One day his dream came true! His name is Harley. Learn about Harley and about the amazing work of National Mill Dog Rescue.


Born Without Front Legs

Leo was born on earlier this year, in March, without front legs. He had hydrocephalus as well as scoliosis in addition to the missing limbs… just too much for a tiny boy to fight through. Sadly, baby Leo passed away at 3-weeks of age.


Chihuahua Adopts Orphaned Pit Bull Puppy

This adorable little mother was abandoned at a high kill shelter because she was pregnant. Luckily “The Mutt Movement” rescued her… She was brought to a safe, warm, loving home to have her babies. While she was there, she also took in an orphaned pit bull puppy…


Lived His Entire Life in Pain

This is Odin! He has lived his entire life in pain… Thankfully he finally got help from a rescue. Watch and learn more about his story:


Puppy Mill Survivor

Harleigh was rescued from a puppy mill last year. She spent her life in a small wire cage, producing numerous litters of puppies. She never knew the kind touch of a human hand, until her rescue. Watch and find out more about her story: Learn about puppy mill survivors at National Mill Dog Rescue’s website:: […]


Rescuing a Scared Homeless Chihuahua

This video shows the rescuing of scared homeless little Chihuahua that was living under a busy highway. After his rescue, Frankie received some comfort from Miley. They’ve immediately bonded with each other. Watch and enjoy: A $5 donation from many people would make all the difference to so many animals: http://www.HopeForPaws.org



Meet Turbo-Roo, the Chihuahua! He was born with only 2 legs… But now he has wheels to move independently! Run puppy… Run!


The Five Dog Workout

Steven Kotler, author of A Small Furry Prayer and West of Jesus, steps us through his “Five Dog Workout”. Three years ago, Kotler and his wife, fellow author Joy Nicholson, moved to Chimayo, New Mexico, where they opened Rancho de Chihuahua, a small-dog sanctuary. “We love what we do and we live a little differently […]


Unique Dog Finds Best Friend

The story of Rikki, a Chihuahua with a deformity in her front legs, is a reminder to all that while every animal might not be perfect, it’s still possible to make the perfect match with a loving family. Isn’t she cute? Help animals in need like Rikki find homes all year round by supporting the […]

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