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24 Chihuahuas Rescued

This little guy is finally clean after being covered in fleas and feces! This Chihuahua is one of more than 24 dogs rescued from a house of horror… They were living in an awful situation at a home in Florida. Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:


Rescued Chihuahua

Topaz is a lucky Chihuahua… She was helped by a veterinary team. She was found wandering on the street with a front leg fracture. The vets thought her leg would be amputated, but thankfully, they didn’t give up on it! Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:


A Small Dog’s Recovery Journey

Meet Lemon, a special needs Chihuahua, Watch her recovery journey. UPDATE: She has been adopted and is continuing to get all the love and care she deserves in her new forever home! More info: Kent County Animal Shelter


Rescuing Amy, the Chihuahua

Amy was another abandoned and injured puppy that needed saving. She was so scared and hurt in her leg… Fortunately ‘Hope for Paws’ managed to get her, treat her and save her ­čÖé Watch, Help and be Happy!


Saving Angelo

Another horrible story of abandonment… Angelo is a cute pup that lived near a biohazard disposal. Fortunately Hope for Paws rescued him and now he is ok! Know his story! Watch and love animals.


Saving Jenny!

This is the story of Jenny’s rescue! At first she didn’t trust her saviors, but at the end all turned out OK… We wish there were more organisations like this one! Watch and be happy:


Saved From Euthanasia

Vet Ranch is back again with another amazing video of helping pups in need… This time, this Chihuahua had a giant tumor and some other minor issues, but it was all taken care of by Vet Ranch and she is ready to be adopted! Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Watch it here:


Rescued From A Puppy Mill

This is the story of Billy! A cute Chihuahua that was rescued from a puppy mill… Any thoughts about it? Watch and smile!


Happy Tail… Animal Rescue

Another lovely story of a rescued Chihuahua! Happy Tail is her┬áname, and she is really a happy puppy! Love to see her like this… Watch and smile!


Rescuing a Chihuahua in 1 Hour

This is Sunshine. She was held at a pound for some time, and she looked angry and suspicious every time someone tried to reach her… Until Tammy showed up! She is kind of a whisperer, and it worked perfectly! Sunshine looks so happy! Must-See!!

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