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Meet Turbo-Roo

Turbo-Roo the INCREDIBLY popular two-legged Chihuahua is now a national celebrity. Disabled puppy Turbo-Roo is inspiring all of us to work past our shortcomings and enjoy a full life. Roll on, Turbo-Roo! Describe Turbo-Roo with one word. Watch and comment:



Meet Turbo-Roo, the Chihuahua! He was born with only 2 legs… But now he has wheels to move independently! Run puppy… Run!


Weaning Chihuahua Puppies

This video shows how to wean puppies to eat solid food. Some experts have the opinion that weaning early you help conserve the mothers strength and that providing milk to a large litter can put more strain on a Chihuahua that giving birth… What are your thoughts about it?


First Bath

Meet Trixi, the Chihuahua puppy! She’s 10-week-old… …so, it’s time for her first bath. She’s so sweet & adorable, isn’t she?