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RooRoo: The Happy Chihuahua

RooRoo is a lovely Chihuahua pup. He was born without his two front legs. 🙂 He was brought to a shelter and already has an adoption family! Check out how happy he is. Do your have a rescued dog?


What Does Pancho Think?

Pancho the Chihuahua is playing a game with his owner. Pancho’s owner is trying to guess his favorite toy by reading his body language. 🙂 SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Smile:


Fur & Feathers

A dog and a chicken have more in common than just being cute. 🙂 Roo is a rescued Chihuahua and Penny Chicken was saved from medical testing. They live together and they love to hang out! Does your dog like other animals? Watch & Smile:


Chihuahua Mannequin Challenge

Cedric the cute puppy size Chihuahua performs the viral mannequin challenge. He has two dinosaur toy friends to show him the way. 🙂 Check out little Cedric and his big plastic friends! Is your dog this cute and small? Watch & Like:


Christmas With Tommy

Tommy is a gorgeous Chihuahua. He’s celebrating the holiday season with Gracie and Leo, the cats. 🙂 SO CUTE! Does your pooch like Christmas? Watch & Comment:



It’s play time! Taiyo the Bernese Mountain Dog is having a tug-of-war match with a little Chihuahua! Surprising, the Chihuahua emerges victorious. 🙂 Is your Chihuahua this persistent? Watch & Comment:


Funniest Chihuahua Videos

Are you feeling blue today? Here is a compilation of funny videos full of Chihuahuas that will cheer up your day. 🙂 CHIHUAHUAS RULE. Is your dog this funny? Watch & Enjoy:


Tiny Tussle

These pups are having a little tussle on the floor in the kitchen. They are just playing and having fun. 🙂 SO CUTE! How many dogs do you have? 1, 2 or more? Watch & Smile:


Climbing & Sliding

Dahlila the Chihuahua loves to have fun at the park… She loves fun and games! She’s climbing up the ladder and sliding down with her best friend, Kate. 🙂 Does your dog like to have fun outdoors? Watch & Comment:


Little Puppies Defeat Giant Dog

This huge Bernese Mountain Dog challenges his little friends to a game of tug-of-war. The two tiny Chihuahua puppies are tough guys! Size matters but it’s not everything. 🙂 What is your dog’s favorite game? Watch & Comment:

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