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Big Papi Doesn’t Like Usher

Big Papi, a 4-years-old Chihuahua, isn’t a big fan of Usher. He shows his dislike as he hears the song Yeah! Observe the reaction of Big Papi when his owner plays the music.


Brave Chihuahua Protects Kittens!

Roxy, a fairly big black pup gets very excited and curious about 4 tiny kittens. But she’s too excited… So, Charlie, the Chihuahua, jumps in between to ensure Roxy leave the kittens alone! (The author of this video states that none of the pets were hurt in and after the video)


Super Chihuahua and Kitty Gaga

This is an improbable couple… Super Chihuahua and Kitty Gaga! Tommy, the Chihuahua, and Gracie, the cat, love their characters… Tommy is a brave and bold Chihuahua and Gracie wants to be a pop star!


Little Chihuahua Tries Impossible Escape

This little Chihuahua has places to visit and pup buddies to meet. Watch as he boldly attempts to free himself and also his friend from the constrains of a child safety gate. This Chihuahua is relentless in his strategy, and even after he gets stuck, he keeps on trying. It takes him a few tries, but […]


Baby Chihuahua Crying

It’s bed time for tiny Maeby, the cutest Chihuahua puppy! But Maeby doesn’t want to sleep. So she cries to get out of the crib. So adorable!


Chihuahua Hates Taking Baths

Willy, the Chihuahua likes to go outside… When his owner asks him if he wants to go outside he gets excited! But when his owner asks him if he wants to take a bath his reaction is so funny! He really hates taking baths!


Chihuahua Playing Pool

Chihuahuas are so cute! And they have some unknown skills… Amadeus, the Chihuahua, is the World’s smallest pool player. He just LOOOOVES to play pool.


Tommy, The Chihuahua vs Gracie, The Cat!

Here’s a very funny Chihuahua and cat wrestling… On one side… weighting in at 8½ lbs… Gracie, the Cat! On the other side… weighting in at an astonishing 5½ lbs… Tommy, the Chihuahua! Winnie, the Pooh, is the referee! Who will win? Watch…  


Dude, the Chihuahua vs. Maggie, the English Mastiff

This video was taken in 2009 when Dude, the Chihuahua, was just a puppy. Maggie, the English Mastiff, loved him the day she met him! They’re still playful best friends! And they have new friends… Troy, Mastiff and Macy, the Chihuahua. They’re simply best buds for life.


What Dogs Are Really Thinking

This video is absolutely hilarious… Here’s what this Chihuahua is thinking: “I know what you’re thinking… come on, say it!” “Nice pink shirt you got… say it!” “Well, I don’t really care what you think of it. You know… because I like it a lot!” “It’s my favorite shirt, man! I kinda think it brings […]

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