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Chihuahua Best Tricks

Here are cute Chihuahua puppies Bella, Johnny, Nora, Mimi, Happy, Tiffany and Xana showing their adorable and amazing tricks. Chihuahuas are an intelligent dog breed and fast learners… These pups like to give back and so theyโ€™ve performed these tricks at various charity events for both children and homeless dogs! ๐Ÿ™‚ What is your dog’s […]


Feed Pancho – The Videogame

Nic & Pancho are doing the funniest videos! ๐Ÿ˜€ This time, they invented a video game called “Feed Pancho” and it really seems like one! Watch and laugh.


Top 10 Cutest Chihuahua Clips

This is one of those compilations you MUST SEE! The top 10 of the cutest Chihuahua clips… We can’t choose a winner, can you? Watch and be happy:


Chihuahua Playing With Water Dog

Chihuahua’s are really the best! They make friendships with every kind of dog and even with other species… This one is playing with his new friend, this cute Portuguese Water Dog! Watch and smile!


How to Draw a Chihuahua

This is a cool video teaching us how we can draw our little friends! Try it and send us the results, we’re curious to see who can make it like this… Go Chihuahua Lovers!


Japanese Lessons For Dogs

After learning spanish and french, it’s time for Pancho to go to the next level… Today he is learning Japanese! And as usual, out super smart Chihuahua friend it’s a language master and performs all of Nic’s requests easily. Amazing!


Boomer & His Blue Hippo

This was Boomer’s first night with his mom and dad at 6-week-old. He immediately made friends with a stuffed blue hippo! The video shows the beginning of his personality with that little throw-back of his head. Now he does that times 100 when he’s excited!

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