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Animal Party

These ADORABLE Chihuahuas are playing and having fun with Pomeranians and Yorkies. Take a look at this amazing costume party for small dogs. 🙂 SO FUNNY! Does your dog like parties? Watch & Comment:


Having Fun in the Snow

Mathilda, Augusto, and Kenzo are having fun playing in the snow. Check out their adorable little dog coats… These dog coats keep them warm while enjoying the winter. 🙂 Does your dog have a coat? Watch & Comment:


Chihuahua & Lynx

This Chihuahua has a new roommate, a rescued lynx. The Lynx is trying to playing with him. It seems, this relationship still needs some time to mature! Does your dog go along with other animals? Watch & Comment:


Impressive Tricks

Minnie is an ADORABLE Chihuahua. She was rescued off the e-list at the shelter. This lucky dog is extremely smart and very loving! 🙂 Is your dog this talented? Watch & Comment:


Dog Trick School

This Chihuahua Trick School is just amazing… These little dogs have learned tricks and practiced running through the agility course for years. Today, they are very well trained dogs! 🙂 How many tricks does your dog perform? Watch & Enjoy:


Nic & Pancho T-Shirt

Nic & Pancho put together the worst commercial ever made. 🙂 Still, it’s cute and funny. Check out the new Nic and Pancho T-Shirt! How adorable is Pancho on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Chinese New Year

This Chihuahua is SO CUTE! He’s an extremely festive canine. In the video, he helps bring in the Chinese New Year by performing some impressive tricks. 🙂 Watch & Enjoy:


Arwyn, The Rescued Chihuahua

Arwyn is a beautiful rescued chihuahua. She has a happy life now… She loves cuddling with her roommates, two sphynx cats. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Do you have a rescued pup? Watch & Smile:


Happy & Lucky Dog

This Chihuahua was born with only two legs. Nevertheless, he’s a lucky dog. 🙂 His parents think he’s perfect no matter what! How cute is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Answer:


An Update On Roo

A few months ago, animal-control officers found 40 dogs in the home of a hoarder. One of them is a very special Chihuahua. He has no front legs, but Roo is an adorable and lucky dog! Do you have a rescued dog? Watch & Comment:

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