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Heisting Chihuahua

Meet Diesel, the Canadian Chihuahua. He’s a bad dog! 🙂 He has a very special talent: Stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and hoarding it in different locations. This odd behavior is driving his owners crazy!


Chihuahua Owns Great Dane

Riley, the Chihuahua, gets cold during the winter… …so, she tries to stay warm in Appa’s crotch. But there’s a problem: Riley doesn’t like too much movement and… …Appa, the Great Dane, doesn’t want him in his crotch!


Tiny Chihuahua Herding Sheep

Well… Chihuahuas are not known to have herding skills… Nancy, the Chihuahua, only weighs 2.5 lb, but she’s quick to show 5 sheep who is boss… The animals are more than 10 times her size, however she doesn’t care!


The Smiling Chihuahua

Bebe, the Chihuahua, is all about smiles. Flashing a signature corner-to-corner grin, this tiny cutie takes a couple of minutes… …to show just how much happy a dog’s life really is. The joy on her face is priceless.


Chihuahua Adopts Tiny Abandoned Meerkat

A toddler meerkat which was likely to die after being left behind is now being nursed by a peculiar adoptive mother… a Chihuahua. Tiny Wilson was abandoned by his real mother immediately after the birth. Dennis Drew owner of Mablethorpe Seal and animal Sanctuary, in Lincolnshire had the idea of presenting him to his colleague’s […]


Brave Chihuahua Protects Kittens!

Roxy, a fairly big black pup gets very excited and curious about 4 tiny kittens. But she’s too excited… So, Charlie, the Chihuahua, jumps in between to ensure Roxy leave the kittens alone! (The author of this video states that none of the pets were hurt in and after the video)

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