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Little Nibbles

This is Little Nibbles, a 1 lb 2 oz Chihuahua puppy! She loves to play with a bone. How adorable is she?


Christmas Chihuahua Cuteness

Christmas season is here… Here’s something that will definitely help you get into the spirit of the season… …an Adorable Christmas Chihuahua!


Surprise Puppy!

These two kids had the biggest surprise of their lives… …a Chihuahua puppy! What do you think about giving a puppy as a Christmas gift?


Pink Ball

It’s time for some PUPPY LOVE! Tiny Beyonce and her favorite pink ball… ADORABLE!


Smallest Service Dog

The smallest service dog is Cupcake, a female long-haired chihuahua, who measured 15.87 (6.25 in) tall, on 08 September 2012. She is owned by Angela Bain (USA) of Moorestown, New Jersey, USA. Meet this Guinness World Record Breaker:


Slow Motion Puppy

This is Audrey, a 9-week-old Chihuahua. Her beauty and cuteness is captured in this AMAZING slow motion footage. Watch & enjoy:


Chihuahua Puppies Playing

It’s time for some PUPPY LOVE! Here are 3 newborn Chihuahua puppies learning to walk and play! How cute is this? Watch and enjoy:


How to Fold an Origami Chihuahua

If you are a Chihuahua lover you’ll LOVE this video… It teaches you how to fold an Origami Chihuahua! Paper used: 15cm x 15cm Kami Author: Fuchimoto Muneji Difficulty: Intermediate+


Best Breed Ever: Chihuahua!

Chihuahua is the best breed ever! Right? Did you know that Chihuahuas ancestors have been cuddling with their owners as long ago as 9th century AD? These dogs are known for their big hearts, but did you know they have big brains, too? Do you have a Chihuahua? Tell us about your pet in the […]

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