Born Without Front Legs

Leo was born on earlier this year, in March, without front legs.

He had hydrocephalus as well as scoliosis in addition to the missing limbs… just too much for a tiny boy to fight through.

Sadly, baby Leo passed away at 3-weeks of age.

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  • Kay Dabney says:

    Awwwwww, poor little guy…I know it’s hard to see your PRECIOUS baby leave this world so early in life but he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and he is WHOLE and HAPPY and running free on ALL 4 legs!!!!

    • debbie sanchez says:

      I know you will miss him allot to. but he has his four
      legs now, he is in heaven to and with my lola. that n is in heaven to.

  • Springtime Hubbard says:

    Is this little black chihuahua up for adoption. Or is there any other little bitty babies that will stay very small when they are full grown that i can get one of. Thanks

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