Best Breed Ever: Chihuahua!

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Chihuahua is the best breed ever! Right?

Did you know that Chihuahuas ancestors have been cuddling with their owners as long ago as 9th century AD?

These dogs are known for their big hearts, but did you know they have big brains, too?

Do you have a Chihuahua? Tell us about your pet in the comments below.

  • Kathy Crumler says:

    I have two a black and white t cup named Chew Chew and a long coat reddish named ChaCha they are my world. They extremely protective. ChewChew is 1 1/2 and ChaCha is 9.. They sleepy under my blanket. They love to go bye bye. They are the light of my life . Oh and I have 4 grandchildren lol.

  • Sandra Harris says:

    Our Lily is a short haired three coloured chi chi. She is 10 months old and we just adore her.

  • Hilary says:

    Tabitha and Alfie are 5 years old. 8lbs, red, and red and sable and short haired. Adorable, clever and very active. Both very different. Tabitha adores her toys and will tug, run and retrieve them, food her first love!
    Alfie hates mornings and his favourite spot is bed, mine! He ‘talks’ very loudly on greeting all new visitors, and me when I return home.
    They shed happiness and love throughout my home….and shed huge amounts of hair too! We adore them!

  • k says:

    We adopted Pnut
    Chihuahua and Jack Russell Mix
    Just an Angel…
    We love her so much.

  • lydia says:

    We have had Gidget since she was 8 weeks old, she is about to be 10. She is so smart. She demands a treat after we eat. She gets between me and my husband when we kiss. She is not a barker at all. She only does when she thinks we’re in danger. We take her everywhere, she is a great traveler..

  • Denise says:

    We have two Chihuahua’s. Bunky is our tan and white 7 year old baby boy and Daisy is our 6 month old Tri-Color baby girl. We love them dearly. They truly are the loves of my life.

  • Victoria says:

    I have three Chis. Chips and Salsa, brother and sister, are brindle. And then there is Lola. She’s a chocolate dapple with lots of Chi attitude. Right now, all three are cuddling with me as I write.

  • Joy says:

    I had my first chihuahua for 12 and 1/2 years. I was devestated when she went. I vowed never to have another. I could not replace my baby girl. Then 18 months ago my son who has a terminal illness, could not look after his little man anymore so I brought snoopy home with me. He is the sunshine of my heart. In a few months my son will be coming home to me so I can love him until it is time and snoopy will be once again be with his Dad for as long as his Dad is with us. Thankyou.

  • debbie says:

    have 2 chis an apple head and a deerchi.

  • Mary says:

    I have 3 Chi’s named Buster, Precious and Chico. They are so cute. They sleep on the bed, ride in our boat and take trips with us. They love to camp too!

  • Connie J says:

    I got Tiki at 8 weeks old. She was supposed to be a birthday present for my daughter, but I traded her for a kitten. She has been my best friend for 7 1/2 years now. She was always by my husband’s side until he passed away 2 years ago. She’s a short-hair blond who loves to cuddle!

  • Lynda says:

    My Gracie just turned two in June…she is my precious baby, love her as much as I do my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is my joy and lets us in this home with her…lol

    • Renee says:

      I have many questions about this breed I have had a doxie, tiny fox nose Pom, three poodles.
      I want a female dog that is not prone to ear infections
      Also one that you do not have to take to a groomer
      To be clipped, fur plucked out of ears, glands cleaned out. My Pom required so much brushing took so long to dry after a bath. The doxie had a hound smell.
      I love my poodles as they do not shed they are so smart love to cuddle they are not yippy. But poodles require so much care. Do chihuahuas get ear infections? Are they yippy? Do they shed all over the place? Do they require to be taken to a groomer every so many weeks?
      Also are they expensive? husband does not want a yippy dog or one that has bug eyes. I do have a toy poodle that is female is from neck to tail 13″ long. I’m upset as she was not suppose to get this big. I live in Tacoma, Wa would not want to have far to go if decide on this type of breed. Right now just checking out options.

      • Norma Glover says:

        I have had 3 Chihuaha’s and none of them have ever had any ear problems. All mine were short hair breed, and the only grooming required is to brush as desired (they love it) and keep toenails clipped (which you can do if you start doing it when they are puppies). As to bug eyes (I don’t think they are bug eyed, more have the look of a bat) but some might say they are a bit bug eyed. Size depends on the variety of Chi you get. Tea cups are usually not over 1s inches at the shoulder, the miniature is a bit larger. The full size chi, which my granddaughter has are about the size of a small beagle. Of course, Chi, like any dog need their shots and protection against heartworm.

      • Eva says:

        If you get a shorthair Chi,you will not need to take them to a groomer,actually you should easily be able to groom even a longcoat yourself. Just keep them brushed & there is very little shedding. Their nails grow quickly,so learn how to trim them yourself rather than stressing them out with visits to a groomer. In my honest opinion,I do not believe you should get a Chi. You have the wrong type of personality for one. You are too darn picky & they can sense it. I bred Chis in the past & would pass over an application like yours. Pets are forever,not baubles to be discarded because you find some fault with them. And yes some Chis can be yippy,even nippy around certain types of people because they can do not like fake people. If you have kids,then absolutely positively abstain from getting a Chi. Chis need to be your number one priority,commitment,they won’t settle for anything less.So for God’s sake do the Chis a favor,don’t get one because neither of you are compatible with each other…

  • Sandra Mazzetta says:

    I have two chihuahuas’ and one is short haired and one long haired. They are brother and sister and each one has their own personality. They love riding in the car and sleeping with us.

  • Fran says:

    My Katie is 2 She is so sweet and loving.she is black, only white is on her back toes

  • Norma Glover says:

    I have two chi’s. One is just a finger width over a tea cup size, and the other is a regular little miniature chi. The little one is named Golaith and I have had him since he was 7 weeks old (a gift to me from my son and daughter after I lost another chi due to 3 broken vertebrae in his back. With no training at all, Goliath has become my Diabetes Service dog, as he will stand beside my bed and whine until I wake up when my sugar level goes below 70. I don’t know what he would do if I experienced a high sugar as that has never happened since I have owned him (about 7 years now). I love the breed. Goliath and Sassy (my other chi) are both the black and tan short haired chi’s.

  • Tracy says:

    I have 1 her name is precious she,s 5 years old she,s very smart I,ve had her since she was 6 weeks old she has been there for me and loves everybody I live in a senior living place

  • June says:

    I have one her name is poppy she is about 4 yrs old and weight about 4lbs she love to sleep in my arms while I’m on the computer lol.

  • Diana Walker says:

    I have a deerhead chijuajua named Bull.He is my reason for getting up everyday. He is so smart and he understands everything I say. He sleeps with me everynight. when i ask if he wants a burger he slaps my back and nods his head . the same thing when I ask him if he wants to take a walk.he knows where my daughter lives and he knows her as Sissy. im a race fan and I m a Jimmie Johnson fan but he likes Jeff Gordon because he thinks hes my son Jet. He steals every jeff Gordon car in the house.He knows if im sick and he puts his paw on me and will not leave me. I would never have another kind of dog.

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