How much do Chihuahuas shed?

We recently asked our Chihuahua Community to answer this question:

How much do Chihuahuas shed?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

The thing to remember is that your dog and your furniture should be the same color.

When you hold them your shirt becomes their coat

Mine doesn’t.

A vacuum will become your best friend…and it’s not dog hair,it’s magical fibers of joy.

A lot! So what?

My Applehead is 10 she’s sheds soooo much I bathe her often and brush her out but she def leaves her mark on you 🐾❤️😍

Love them, but they shed.

If you love them, it doesn’t matter. You’ll deal with it.

Do I have mutant Chihuahuas? 🤣 Both my long and short-haired shed very little. My previous Chi also shed minimally. 🤔

All the time

Just brush them often.

Omg … I had a long haired chihuahua and it was moderate but now I have a smoothe coat chihuahua and his hair is everywhere all the time. I do think it has to do with where you live too. He has to adapt to cold weather so he does put on more of a coat to help him but it’s bad… and its everywhere

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

We recently asked our Chihuahua Community to answer this question:

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

From my experience, my dog didn’t, mom’s dog didn’t but I have seen some chi’s bark alot with strangers or strange noises. My dog just was easy going and wasn’t afraid of strangers. Guess it depends on if the dog is skittish or bold and proud. Plus I always included my chi in everything I did so this could be why she was pretty quiet.

Harry barks when someone comes to the door and will bark at them for a few minutes then he’s usually ok. Until he brings them a toy! If they won’t throw it for him, he barks until they do! Lol! Or if he wants a cookie!

Mine does!

They can be barkers but are very trainable. My Precious hates the UPS truck, especially if driver had the audacity to leave s package at our doorstep!😂

Mine only bark when they hear (or think they hear) someone knocking on the door, and if they are inside the house or their yard and they see other unknown people. Other than that mine just kinda sleep the day away or stare outside.

It is according to if you train them to or not to . I have always trained mine to do alert barks but when I say ok I know then she stops .

Yep mine bark at everything and sometimes nothing at all but I have just started to train them not to bark. I still love them to pieces though 🐶💕💕

Start early with taking them out, into noise, meeting people. Ours don’t bark and are calm. I have rescued some that are very nervous and bark a lot but they were not taught to stay calm. Some are nervous but you can teach them a lot. I love them. We have two now good babies.

My dogs all follow the leader. If I have one that likes to bark, it become contagious! Our Chihuahua barked sometimes, but not excessively!

Most of the ones we have had were great guard dogs. They bark alot. But love them to pieces.

Mine do sometimes and latly they howl when they hear dogs outside.

My Mieko barks at the UPS man, mailman, and when the doorbell rings.

Mine didn’t. One would bark an alarm if she heard a noise, or the doorbell. The other might if she felt like it. They didn’t bark just for the heck of it.

Mine will literally bark at the wall

Not with the immediate family. Yes with strangers and other dogs.

Haha haha yess!

Owners Leave Dog With Pet Sitter

Pablo the Chihuahua’s family dropped him at the pet sitter and never come back for him.

Terrified, Pablo wouldn’t do anything but bark.

At the sitter, Pablo was being forced to live in a closet because he was barking too much.

Thus, AMA Animal Rescue took him immediately.

AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo was finally safe, but he was so afraid that the barking continued.

After being health-checked at the vet, Pablo was cleared to move on to a foster home. Within 15 minutes he was licking his new foster mommy.

Pablo with his foster mom, Alexia Perimone |
AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo began six months of regular training sessions to help build his confidence around people.

His favorite thing to do is literally dance. He gets up on his hind legs and prances around.

AMA Animal Rescue

In December 2017, Pablo was ready to be adopted. Maura McHale, a resident of Queens, New York, fell in love with his photo online.

AMA Animal Rescue

Pablo will never have to worry where his home is.

AMA Animal Rescue

RSPCA Rescues 82 Chihuahuas

The dead body of a woman was found surrounded by 82 Chihuahuas!

The police officers were left stunned after finding the dogs… Many of which had matted coats, fleas and burns, crammed inside her house.

The RSPCA were called to assist police.

Do you have a rescued dog?

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